Libraries at MSAD 70

The libraries of Hodgdon High School and Mill Pond School provide a variety of resources for students, teachers and community members. As of June 2022, there are 7513 books and audio-visual materials catalogued at the high school library and 16,805 at the elementary school library. We are especially proud of our collection of Maine materials. Both libraries offer Internet access. Periodicals are available in both their print versions and through Digital Maine Library, a free online service provided by the state of Maine. Digital Maine also provides access to reference sources such as the World Book encyclopedia and Ancestry. We can also borrow materials from other libraries throughout the state.

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8:00 - 3:00
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Get the information about points and grade level for the Accelerated Reader program.

Find out the Lexile level for many books. -

Useful Websites*

Digital Maine Library - A free service provided by the state of Maine. Provides access to many periodicals and reference books.

Evaluating Websites - A useful tool to learn how to select the best sources on the web.

Citing Sources - Learn how to correctly cite your sources using the MLA format.

Maine State Library - Provides access to the resources available from the Maine State Library.

Cary Library - Houlton, ME - All students of M.S.A.D. #70 schools and their parents are eligible to use materials from this library for free.

Citation Machine - An easy way to correctly cite your sources - just type in the correct information and this site formats it for you.

OSLIS - The Oregon School Library Information System
OSLIS is an excellent website for learning how to research effectively. It includes a
citation maker and website evaluation lessons.

Critical Evaluation of Websites
Provides access to worksheets for students to use to learn how to evaluate websites.
This is another website that will help you easily cite your sources.


EasyBib Another tool for correctly citing your sources For Teachers:
This website will direct you to resources that may help you in your work.


Journey to Justice : Links to articles on the issues of today
The Cold War - A book list of materials available in our library and a collection of links about major events during the Cold War - 
World War l - A book list of materials available in our library and a collection of links about the "great war"
Nathanael Greene - A web biography of an unsung hero of the American Revolution


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