Hodgdon Middle / High School Sports

Welcome to Hodgdon where Sportsmanship is an Expectation
So please let the Players Play ...
let the Coaches Coach ...
let the Officials Officiate ...
and, let the Spectators Be Positive!

*MPA High School Heal Points Standings

Our Sports Teams:

    * Boys' Basketball Game Schedule
    * Girls' Basketball Game Schedule
    * Middle School Basketball Schedule
    * High School Baseball & Softball
    * Middle School Baseball & Softball
    * Middle School Soccer Schedule
    * Soccer Boys' & Girls High School
    * Golf Boys' & Girls
    * Hockey - Houlton/Hodgdon Blackhawks

For any questions about High School Sports, 
Please call the High School at (207)532-2413 
or e-mail Mr. Wayne Quint, Athletic Director.