Msad #70 Hodgdon

Corona Virus - Covid-19 Updates



March 11th - Superintendant Parent / Guardian Covid-19 Information


March 16th - Regular classes are cancels  for students until further notice


March 16th - CDC Tips for reducing your child's stress in emergency situations


March 17th - Learning Packet & Meal Delivery Information


March 23rd - Superintendant Covid-19 Update


March 25th - Talking With Children, Tips For Parents During Disease Outbreaks


March 27th - Learning Packets Are Due - Parent/Student Instructions


March 31st - Millpond School Grades 3-6 Computer Pickup April 1st


April 2nd - Learning Packets Due Friday April 3rd - Instructions


April 8th - Friday Learning Packets & Meal Delivery Update / Change


April 14th - Covid 19 Support (Parents & Young Children): News Letter 1, News Letter 2


May 13th - Mill Pond School - Grading Scale and End-Of-Year Information