School Board

The MSAD 70 School board meets monthly on the second Monday of every month, unless otherwise specified. Meetings are held at 7pm in the Board Room of the Central Office Building. Meetings are open to the public, and all staff members, parents, and community members are cordially invited to attend.

Board Members
School board members are elected by their respective towns,

and serve a 3-year term.


Tim Moore (Amity)
Cheryl Welton (Linneus)

Mathew Day (Linneus)
Mark Ganzel (Linneus)
Lynn Tuck (Haynesville)
Clarissa Porter (Hodgdon)
David Wells (Hodgdon)
Ronald Silliboy (Hodgdon)
David Harris (Hodgdon)

Edward McGillicuddy (Hodgdon)

Jared Hand (New Limerick)

Curtis Harrison (New Limerick)

John Austin (Ludlow)


School Board Agenda

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School Board Minutes

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