Three Adult Americorps Team Members will provide 1200 hours of service the first year and 1700 hours the second and third years for a total of 4600 hours each for a total of 13,800 for all three members. These three members should be able to service at least 50 students for an academic tutoring/interventions as well as 25 more for mentoring. The goal is for 40 to 50 students to achieve academic progress or 80% as well as 15/25 students to achieve success with their mentoring plan or 60%. This rate is based on our current norms with interventions and the difficulty of achieving success with the students Grades 7-12 who are often unmotivated and disenfranchised by expectations that are not consistent between home, school, and the community. If the programs are successful the percentage of success will increase from Year One to Year Three as success breeds success. Students who see the change in other students will more able and willing to invest in a program or mentor that has shown its value.


The Mentoring program will follow the Elements of Effective practice of Mentoring as outlined by The National Mentoring Partnership. This will follow the curriculum of Career/College Preparation that is followed by all students at grade7-12 but will provide more support to students who are struggling with achieving the goals of the program. The academic interventions will follow the Institute of Education Sciences What Works Clearinghouse as well as research based practices as prescribed by our Literacy and Math Coaches.


These three additional Americorps Team Members will be able to provide services to many more students than were able to accommodated with the current staff in doing interventions for students with needs. In addition, the team member will implement and grow a new mentoring program that will be able to provide its effectiveness and worth over the period of the grant.


MSAD #70 will need to carefully collect data and mentor progress to show the benefits of the program and show that continuation of the program will bring great benefits to the schools and to individual students. The needs of the students has been clearly laid out to the leadership, board, administrators, teachers, and staff as well as the lack of resources. This infusion of grant monies will help us to implement a higher level of implementation over a period of time that will allow us to see success and what costs would need to be secured to continue the program in the future.